Madi Kliendienst

The ultimate 90s get-up with Mish

Madi Kliendienst
The ultimate 90s get-up with Mish

Ah, the 90s.

The music, the movies, the crop tops … what a time to be alive. Wayyyy back when Instagram wasn’t a thing (weird, huh ... what did people do all day?), but the fashion was on point. We’ve seen a huge resurgence of 90s-esque fashion and we aren't complaining!


It was the era of the OG supermodels. We’re talkin’ ‘The Big 5’:  Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer With their killer bone structure, bombshell hair and larger than life personalities, these women rocked the fashion industry.


We recently shot with Insta gal Mishti Rahman (babe alert!). An exotic beauty with killer chameleon style, Mish is a self proclaimed fanatic  of 90s supermodel, Christy Turlington - and we can totally see why (and where she gets her fashion inspo from!).


Boy, did she rock the 90s look.


The Plaid.

In any colour, shape or size, plaid just screams 90s..

As seen in: Clueless

That big jacket.

The Pixie jacket is trending RN, but we 100% saw Fran from The Nanny rock it first.

As seen in: The Nanny

SHOP: The Pixie Jacket

SHOP: The Pixie Jacket

The Choker.

An essential part of a 90s uniform. The ultimate badass cool-girl accessory.

As seen on: Supermodel Tyra Banks

The Gold Chains.

We’re getting serious retro vibes from this ridiculously practical and now-trending accessory. Will we see the gold chain make a comeback for phones like Cher rocked?


As seen in: Clueless

The Beret.

Not just for when you’re cafe hopping in Paris, the beret makes any outfit look cute AF and the 90s proved that. We loved when Julia Roberts wore it in Notting Hill - ICONIC.


As seen in: Notting Hill

The Spaghetti strap.

You can’t write about the 90s without giving a shout out to our gal Rachel from Friends! The girl loved a good spaghetti strap and so do we.

As seen in: Friends

Mish is one style queen we will keep our eyes on!