Madi Kliendienst

SEE WHAT Mishti Rahman can't live without

Madi Kliendienst
SEE WHAT Mishti Rahman can't live without




Name & Instagram

Mishti Rahman, @mishti.rahman





Star sign



A current obsession...



Your morning routine involves...

Getting up, plugging my phone into my speaker and playing my favourite RNB playlist to start the day. And sometimes a banana and yakult.


One thing you can never live without is...

Hand cream!


A hobby you want to start is...

Skateboarding! I've tried but I want to get better at it.


What is a pet peeve you have?

People who aren’t punctual.


Fashion icon/inspo?

Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman and Christy Turlington -  love the 90s classic beauty!




Your Spirit Animal is...

A killer whale.


Sweet or Savoury?

Can I say both?


Are you a Netflix & Chill or
Outdoor & Explore kind of gal?

I go between both, but more so Netflix & Chill.


A song you’ve had on repeat lately is...

Migos - Stir Fry. I tend to kill songs.


Boots or heels?

Neither, I love sneakers.


Never have I ever...

Skinny dipped!


Your celebrity couple crush is...

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively! I love how they just troll each other.


Your favourite movie of all time...

Léon: The Professional


What is happiness to you?



Something on your life bucket list?

To see killer whales in their natural habitat, preferably in New Zealand. And to do it ASAP!


When do you feel most beautiful?

When I am hanging with my friends, eating a lot of food and just being a goofball.