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Soo we want to let you in on a little secret..... we have found the most FABULOUS jewellery in all the land and we're so excited to share WILD The Label with you.

The beautiful WILD founder Madison took the time out of her busy schedule to give us the inside scoop on WILD.  Stay tuned for the 411 on a brand we are seriously crushing on HARD.

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How did this Journey begin?
Growing up I had always loved making jewellery but I never had any formal training. A couple of years ago when I was still in high school I wanted a leather choker with a Hamsa Hand on it but couldn’t find any good quality stockists in Perth or online so I bought the materials I needed and easily put one together. Plenty of people started asking where I’d gotten the choker from and I quickly realized there was a huge gap in the market! I quickly set up an Instagram account and an online store. I came up with the name of my brand when I was listening to Wild Things by San Cisco! Since then I tend to create whatever I feel like wearing that day; this has led to adding necklaces, body chains and head pieces to my online store.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I follow a lot of fashion bloggers so that helps to see what's popular around the world, but I've also found lately that going to music festivals is a great source of bohemian inspiration!
Describe the typical Wild girl?
A Wild girl follows her own trends, she wears things that make her happy and has confidence dripping off her. A bohemian girl at heart, her constant need to explore always lead to wild adventures.
Whats the future for Wild?
I recently created a new range of chokers and hand pieces using gorgeous rainbow moonstone pendants which will be released soon! As well as loads of Turkish coin jewellery.
However, 2 years ago I didn't even know I would soon be creating a jewellery label, or that it would become so successful in such a short amount of time, so I can't imagine where Wild will be in the next few years!

New styles dropping always, so stay tuned!!!

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