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Burnt Breakfast

If you follow us on instagram and have been seeing the “Burnt Breakfast x Princess Polly” images, you may have been wondering, “WTF is ‘Burnt Breakfast?’”

In a nutshell, it's the name of the crazy-rad creative couple— Pixi & Jesse— who we teamed up with last week to bring you our Polly the Label Valentines Day lookbook, Heart Break Hotel. Pixi  is a Balinese/Australian fashion photographer and her other half, Jesse, does the videography and creative direction.

In the cutest little interview ever, they share the story behind the name 'Burnt Breakfast', dish on creative inspiration, and give us their best love advice.

Name (real + instagram): Pixie Bella (@pixpop) Jesse Allen (@burnt_breakfast) Website:  http://burntbreakfast.tumblr.com/

Age: P: 21 J: 25

Star signs: P: Libra J: Sagittarius

Favourite Emoji : P: Firecracker collision_symbol-small J:  Paint Pallet (because he thinks it’s a lolly pizza) artist_palette-small

What is the story behind Burnt Breakfast? When did you guys start doing creative shoots together, and how did the name come about? We first started working as a team for a friends label with Jesse filming and I photographing, with our talents put together we soon realised that our creativity and vision combined was something that clicked very quickly. After a few drinks one night and much discussion we came to the conclusion that everyone likes breakfast… but we prefer it burnt. Haha

 What inspires you? J: Always find myself inspired by directors that take the extra step to create an abstract frame in a motion picture. P: My favorite photographer is Lara Jade, like myself she grew up in a small town, she started shooting purely self portraits and is now an internationally acclaimed fashion photographer living and working in NYC.

 What is your go to music to play when you're shooting? J: Generally before we start shooting I always pick a song that I most likely will use for the video, and I play it over and over until everyone hates it. P: … Beyoncé, every time.

What do you do when you are not shooting? J: I’m a surfer, I generally like to spend most of my time at the beach P: Well, I date a surfer so I generally spend most of my time at the beach..

Favourite instagram account that you follow: @banksyblog @lifewithoutandy @marcushyde @beyonce (obvi)

Go to outfit when you're in a rush: P: Sequins J: Whatever's on the floor (but that’s the answer for any outfit)

Three things you couldn’t live with out? P: Easy Mac, Apple Mac and……. Jesse. How else would I get my Easy Mac? J: Chocolate, surfing and my bebez

Any plans for Valentines Day? P: Well, Jesse planed our last love day so I  guess it’s my turn to make the fairy bread.

Pixie, whats the most romantic thing Jesse has ever done for you? Sent me flowers to work 3 times (without even being in trouble), and 2 of which I wasn’t actually at work that day.

Describe each other in one word: J: rice P: curly

Best love advice you’ve ever been given: P: Marry your best friend. J: Don’t EVER, EVER forget her date of birth

What can we look forward to seeing in the near future from you guys? Upcoming for Burnt Breakfast we have some really cool projects in the mix, including directing and filming a music video. Whilst we are holidays in Bali, we are designing & creating a few apparel items for Burnt Breakfast. And on our return we are planning a sneaky instagram competition… we’ll keep you posted ;)