STAFF INSIDER: Meet Our Badass Buyer, Holly ⚡️

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Introduce yo’self. Tell us about what you do here at Princess Polly:

OLA! My name is Holly, and I am a Fashion Buyer <3



What beauty products would we find in your makeup bag RN:

I loveeee a natural face, with big brows and a nude lip. But can’t go anywhere without my Benefit Gimme Brow+ & Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in IM NUDE- they literally save lives!!

It’s Friday night and you’re about to hit the town, what do you wear?!

My go-to look for a night out, is a cute printed top paired back with black jeans, docs and a statement lip. Obsessed with Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood - yassss qwueen.

Tell us who your style icon is:

OMG! HAILEY BALDWIN,and Marie Von Behrens.  




Describe your style in 3 words:



‘Glam’ Grunge

I guess that’s kinda four, haha whoops!


What celeb would you LOVE to be stuck next to on a plane and why:

Tom Hardy - so I could stare at his face.


What is your GO-TO everyday outfit:

Thrills t-shirt over a lil skirt, Vans and my leather jacket.

Any advice for gals wanting to get into buying:

Buying is the best job, ever! (I might be a lil’ biased but it truly is so fun haha). The role requires someone to have a keen interest in fashion, be numbers savvy and a people person!! To anyone starting out, I would definitely recommend jumping into a retail job, it allows for a basic understanding of the fashion industry and is a great place to learn relationship building skills.

Tell us what you’re listening to at the moment:

Leon Bridges - swoon <3


It’s gettin’ a lil’ cold, what are you going to be wearing this winter to warm up!?

I just bought our Exclusive Pixie in the Burgundy, it is so fluffy and warm!!

I love the Khaki one too >>


What are some things that you use to accessorise an outfit and take it from 0-100?

Definitely a cute pair of gold hoops, some sheer stockings, and a belt bag are a few of my FAVES rn.

What’s your FAVE thing to do on the weekend:

CAWFEE - I love to grab a coffee, go to the beach and watch the world go by. Oh and binge watch a netflix series haha :D



-Holly x