TrendsPrincess Polly


TrendsPrincess Polly

Whether you believe them or not, your star sign says a lot about who you are (even about your style). So we put together the perfect Princess Polly outfit for each sign!

From Aries through to Capricorn, check out which blogger babe or celeb you share your zodiac with, and you’ll also get some killer outfit inspo too! Find out what trends you should be following based on your star sign below!


Energetic; a natural leader. Aries are fiery & passionate.

Trends for you:

Embroidery, leather jacket, gingham & matte liquid lipstick.

Aries babe:

Shani Grimmond

Your perfect PP outfit:

Embroidered Rose Tee, Sugar River Ruffle Skirt, Outlaw Blues Moto Jacket, Billini Black Olivia Flats, Jeffree Star Deceased Liquid Lipstick.


Creative and friendly. Strays away from the crowd. Independent.

Trends for you:

Statement jewellery, bright colours and layering.

Aquarius babe:

Rahnee Bransby

Your perfect PP outfit:

The Diva Crop Top, Delta Mini Skirt, AsIAm For The Wild Kat Coat, Grace Bijoux Silver Iggy Bralette.


Dreamy and sensitive. The nicest people you will ever meet.

Trends for you:

Wrap dresses, highlighter, glitter and sequins.

Pisces babe:

Skye Wheatley

Your perfect PP outfit:

Poppy Tie Front Blouse, Minkpink Wild Thing Denim Overalls, Silver Star Hair Rings and Midsummer Star Stars Threaders.


Grounded and loyal. Dress for comfort. Genuine and loyal.

Trends for you:

Earthy tones, playsuits, boyfriend jeans and hats.

Taurus babe:

Gigi Hadid

Your perfect PP outfit:

Somedays Lovin’ The Painter Playsuit, White Bandana and Dr. Martens 2976 Smooth Chelsea Boots.


Playful and quirky. Unique style and known for her edginess. A gemini is clever and quick-witted.

Trends for you:

Camouflage, animal print, metallic and bold colours.

Gemini babe:

Lana Del Ray

Your perfect PP outfit:

Girl Code Tee, Predator Mini Skirt and Therapy Gun Metal Alloy Boots.


Feminine and gentle. Cancer’s give the best hugs. Full of positivity.

Trends for you:

Cowell necks, lace, off the shoulder and floral prints.

Cancer babes:

The Herbert Twins

Your perfect PP outfit:

The Ruffle Crop, Vintage Mom Jeans, Lack of Color Lola Cap and the Gold Elena Open Hoops.


Confident and ambitious. When a Leo woman enters a room she is the centre of attention. Unapologetically themselves.

Trends for you:

Leopard print, flares, hair rings and bandanas.

Leo babe:

Cartia Mallan

Your perfect PP outfit:

Calypso Star Scarf, I.AM.GIA Snake Charmer Pants, Quay Purple Honey Sunglasses Green/Gold.


Perfectionists. Virgo’s are very down to earth. They are sensitive and tend to overthink way too much.

Trends for you:

Mom and boyfriend jeans, graphic tees, star prints and double denim.

Virgo babe:

Inka Williams

Your perfect PP outfit:

TWIIN Gemini Boyfriend Tee, Wild Side Denim Mini Skirt, Western Denim Jacket and the Diablo Cross Earrings.


Peaceful and idealistic. Loves to love and be loved. Dreamers.

Trends for you:

Pleats, ruffles, dainty jewellery, tie up details and sheet.

Leo babe:

Bella Hadid

Your perfect PP outfit:

Heartbreaker Tie Front Blouse, Carolina Fields Ruffle Mini Skirt and the Salvador Cross Necklace.


Loyal and passionate. Not one to follow ‘trends’. Lives life to the fullest.

Trends for you:

Ath-leisure, turtle necks, ripped tees and bodysuits.

Scorpio babe:

Kendall Jenner

Your perfect PP outfit:

Delevingne Tracksuit PantsDelevingne Tracksuit HoodieHenley Distressed Tee and Crystal Ball Lace Bodysuit


Curious and untamed. Sagittarius likes to stand out from society. Make great friends.

Trends for you:

Graphic prints, leather, velvet and fur.

Sagittarius babe:

Vanessa Hudgens

Your perfect PP outfit:

Wild Rose Halter Dress, The Zeppelin Jacket, Billini Black Suede Preen Heels and the Silver Mambo Earrings.


Ambitious and hardworking. The most romantic of all the signs. A Capricorn liked being in control.

Trends for you:

Gingham, mules, roses and mini dresses.

Capricorn babe:

Kate Moss

Your perfect PP outfit:

Cross My Heart Necklace, Aubrey Wrap Mini Dress, Therapy lack Garnett Mules


Written by our Student Brand Manager: Chloe Belchamber