How to Take the Perfect Instagram

With over half a million followers on instagram, our girl Sjana (@sjanaelise) knows a bit about how to post a good instagram. Here are her top 5 tips for the perfect instagram photo: 1. The background is SUPER important

As a fashion blogger, it's your job to make the clothes stand out and look good. Keeping the background simple and clean makes you and your outfit the focus of the photo. Avoid busy backgrounds that detract from the clothes and colours that clash with your outfit.

Try to take your photos in beautiful settings (examples: sunrise on the beach, next to an amazing pool, in front of a bush with beautiful flowers, etc.) OR in front of cool, simple walls (examples: brick, old and cracked with vines, white washed wooden fences, etc.)

Love Like Mine Dress

2. Always make sure lines are straight.

If there are lines in the background of your photo (especially if there is a horizon) use an editing app to rotate the photo so that the lines are straight. This automatically takes a picture from a 7 to a 10!

Moonlight Mini Dress

3. Be candid.

The camera is really good at capturing your true emotions. If something is staged, it usually looks staged. If you are uncomfortable, it usually shows. By the same token, if you are genuinely happy and being yourself it shows. The best way to avoid awkward photos when fashion blogging is to get a friend take to the photos. Have them make you laugh. When you do it together and have fun with it, your personality will shine through. People love when they can see someone’s unique personality through their photos.

'Same Story' Jumper + 'Prime Time' Shorts + 'Serina' Boot

4. Work the angles to make your legs look longer.

If you've ever taken a selfie, you know the dramatic difference the angle of the camera can make.  Same goes for full body shots. In order to make your legs look longer, shoot from below!

5. Let the sun shine on your face.

When taking photos outside, natural sunlight always makes the for the most beautiful photos.  Standing in direct sunlight is not ideal, as it can make you a little squinty. But if you are standing somewhere with shadows it always looks pretty to have the sun on your face.