With Splendour just around the corner it’s time to start organising your festival essentials and without sounding like your parents, it’s so important to be prepared! A few little tips and tricks can be a godsend when your tent neighbours are suffering with the cold and mud while you’re all cozied up with enough supplies to keep you…………….Our number one camping tip that we have found to be an absolute lifesaver is to take two tents. One for getting dressed, making yourself beautiful and holding all of your stuff. The other for sleeping only! Trust us on this, and yes you can thank us later.  Always make sure you have a meeting place sourced out so if you and your gal pals decide to separate, you can always pick a time to meet back at your selected spot – simple! Packing the essentials means that you won’t get caught out watching London Grammar in the pouring rain without your trusty gumboots and poncho or running into the boys from Rufus with mascara running down your face and dirty hair (thank you dry shampoo and waterproof mascara). And lastly, do not; I repeat DO NOT leave the house without your ticket and ID. No one wants to make an emergency trip back home to collect your ID sitting on top of your dresser. Once you’re sure you’ve got those, the road trip begins! Happy packing POLLY babes!

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