byronbaesLast week we had the pleasure of spending the day with Emily Hutchinson & Lisa Smith in their little humble adobe in Byron Bay, NSW.

Read on to get the know these smokin' ladies and steal their style.



Emily: 27

Lisa: 27


Emily: emelinaah

Lisa: lisadanielle__



Emily: I grew up between Perth and Townsville (cowboooooys)

Lisa: Gold Coast

Coffee or Tee?

Emily: Is that even a question? There's a reason the ancient coffee bean is so revered...

Lisa: Coffee


Girl Crush?

Emily: Lena Dunham. She is smart, hilarious, inspiring and most importantly challenging all of the stereotypes ever set for us.

Lisa: Bambi

Favourite Live Band? 

Emily: The Murlocs

Lisa: Tame Impala


My local hangout is...

Emily: My own house. We live in Byron so all of our friends tend to congregate at our very central humble abode . Plus i make a mean glass of cab sav...

Lisa: Roadhouse, Byron Bay

Are you an early riser or sleeping in kinda girl? 

Emily: Well that really depends on how many margaritas I've had..

Lisa:  I love waking up early to watch the sunrise, but deep down i'm a sleepin' in kinda girl ;)


Favourite place you have travelled to? 

Emily: Udaipur, Rajasthan. Known as the Venice of India. If there's one thing you must see in your life, its watching the sun rise over lake Pichola drinking steaming hot street chai.

Lisa: New York and Paris

My morning routine involves...

Emily: Procrastinating for 45 minutes than finding a way to blame my boyfriend for my perpetual lateness.

Lisa: Snuggling with my kitty Luna, dressing up & coconut cappuccinos


What song have you had on repeat lately? 

Emily: Flume - Never be like you. I can thank your delightful social media manager Lucy for that one.

Lisa: Never be like you - Flume

Favourite weekend adventure location? 

Emily: The great sandy national park just north of Noosa, you can camp on the beach and feel like you are the only people on the earth. Or the never never river, inland from Coffs Harbour.

Lisa: I love to explore all of the waterfalls in the hinterland


Ideal date night? 

Emily: Me, candles, wine (copious amounts), dim lighting... and Justin Bieber. Preferably with a guitar, but i mean beggars cant be choosers... (Nobody show my boyfriend Will this)

Lisa: Sunset swim, followed by a camp fire on the beach with cushions & wine

Latest Netflix obsession? 

Emily: I've been waiting to be asked this question. For the past few weeks I have literally cornered every unsuspecting innocent I can get my grimy little paws on to talk about this show. Outlander. Just saying the name gives me little shivers of pleasure (reminiscent of the Mufasa scene in lion king). Scottish highlands, time-walking, romance, drama, violence, men in kilts. Need i say more?

Lisa: Vampire Diaries forever


Favourite tunes to chill to? 

Emily: I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love everything from Alanis Morissette to Rage Against The Machineto Taylor Swift. It just depends which one of my many personalities you get on the day.

Lisa: Foals and Boy & Bear

Leather or Lace? 

Emily: Leathery lace? Why separate the two when they look so good together.

Lisa: Both... together.


What do you do to relax? 

Emily: I usually paint, read, sew, cook or just generally create (usually just mess, to be honest). Or take a bath. I love baths. Once my boyfriend found me asleep in the bath with my head bobbing serenely like a little floating cork in a sea of lavender scented water. I mean that could have gone one of two ways, really, but lets all just be glad it ended well and call it a day shall we.

Lisa: Read a book in the hammock on our front porch or a bubble bath with candles

Something most people don’t know about you? 

Emily: I have three older brothers, I am the only girl and the youngest in my family. Also sometimes when I eat things I swear I can taste the smell of them... ( e.g goats cheese tastes like the smell of goats)

Lisa: I am a belieber!


Fave shops to find hidden treasures for your home?

Emily: Op shops, garage sales and antique stores. Nearly everything in our house has a story. Its own little tale of survival. Distinct with it's own sassy personality.

Lisa: Byron Weekend Markets & Newrybar Merchants