4 ways to be a badass babe ft. Tegan Phillipa

4 ways to be a badass babe ft. Tegan Phillipa


We all agree here at Princess Polly that the most badass babes are those that wear their outfit choices with confidence. Being the key ingredient to slaying any outfit,  add a dollop of attitude and a dash of sass and you have the perfect recipe to pull anything off and stand out from the crowd.

Who better to inspire us than one influencer that we think does it best, Tegan Phillipa. With her bleached bob, minxy body art and killer smile it’s hard to look past this baby gal who’s Insta photos take us around the world (#goals).

We got to hang out with Tegan on our latest shoot where she showed us what an all round cool chick she is. Here’s 4 ways to channel your inner badass Tegan vibes and make your outfits fresh AF.


1) Mix your prints & textures.

Who says stripes and spots don’t work?  Our styling queen Charlotte says don’t be afraid to mix prints!

Clashing is good, but make sure they have one cohesive colour in both pieces, whether it's white, black or something bold like red.  Go ahead, mix together your plaid and florals, the leopard prints and metallics. We dare ya!

2) Layer the accessories

Forget lowkey, every badass babe needs to be dripping with accessories. Jewellery, sunglasses, hats, head scarves… the more the better, nuffsaid.

3) Get sassy with some red

Be fierce by adding some sassy red additives to your outfit mix. You’ll be surprised with this one, even a little goes a long way and red is always a smokin’ colour year round to have in your closet.

4) Throw in some boots (yes, even in summer)

No badass outfit is complete without a strong shoe game. Chuck on some Docs & socks and it will be on point. Tegan agrees with us that boots should not just be worn in winter!