Madi Kliendienst

Our guide to avoid FOMO for the best gigs this year

Madi Kliendienst
Our guide to avoid FOMO for the best gigs this year



Our superstar Social Media Coordinator, Mads is a real muso and definitely the one we rely on to bring the tunes to Princess Polly HQ. We got her to give us some hot tips for her fave upcoming gigs.




Providing sounds for all tastes, this list is so on point and the only guide you need to read if you’re looking for good vibes and a good time. 




"The Kite String Tangle are the perf mix between chill x good times. I’ve seen them twice now and have loved their cool electronic vibe both times! Would definitely see them again that’s for sure."



"Ball Park are one that I have wanted to see for a while now! Epic music and love their vibe. This is a gig I’m definitely buying tickets to."



‘Used To Be In Love Tour’

"One of my FAVOURITE bands of all time! Can’t even deal. Strap yourself in and get ready for one of the best nights of your LIFE. Not even exaggerating. The perf gig for a dance & good times with pals."



"Another one I’m super keen to book tickets to! I’ve seen them once and absolutely loved their set - super easy going. You’ll be surprised at how many songs you know."



"Oh man, my favourite artist. This was probably one of my favourite gigs from last year, so you bet I bought a ticket as soon as he released his new tour! He’s got the most badass set so I am so pumped to see him again. Definitely get practising with the lyrics beforehand so you can take it all in. Special mention to ‘Raceway’ - that song goes OFF."




"Cult classic. Can’t beat singing along to ‘Mr. Brightside’ live. Get keen."




"Another band I’ve been loving! Super funky music and just an all around good time."




"Oh Wonder has a real funky tune. This music is definitely a mixture between electronic and dance. Get ready for a groove with this one."




"This is a DJ I HIGHLY recommend. My friends and I have LOVED dancing to L D R U’s sets -- full of sick drops and beats. I’ve seen him twice at 2 festivals and think he 110% worth seeing. This is someone I will always make an effort to see, whether he’s playing at a festival, or in this case, has his own set. Get yourself there for a good time."




"My favourite band at the moment. Please don’t go through 2018 without making it to a GOY gig. It’s definitely a whirlwind of emotion but they tell such an incredible story with their set. Not to mention, they play for a significant amount of time - so worth! Super great qual and meaningful music. Special mention to Keep Me In The Open."




"You and I both know how great this dreamy duo is. I’m definitely keen to get amongst their chill show. Especially with the release of their new album, ‘Snow’! I’ve seen them live twice and am literally obsessed with their voices! Just as great live as they are on the album, that’s for sure."





Like the rest of us at Princess Polly Mads likes to party round the clock, so here are here Top 10 must-haves for any music event, day or night.


(Yis, we give you permission to be a badass and wear your sunnies at night) 


1. Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots

2. Glasses Chain x Frankie Oval Sunglasses

3. Minc Collections Silver Dagger Earrings

4. Lack Of Color Dunes Cap Nude

5. Midnight Cowboy Belt Bag

6. The Vale Tie Shoulder Dress Teal

7. Afends Tyler Cord Corduroy Shorts

8. Black Bandana

9. Western Denim Jacket

10. Minkpink My Valentine Mesh Top Red


Get grooving, baby gals!