We have serious Craft Cat in our Office, Miss Brogan our Photographer is always doing these AMAZING projects on the weekend and we just HAVE to share them with you! We have an easy step by step guide below on how to make your own party ASTRO TURF CRATES! Be the ENVY OF THY NEIGHBOUR! Things you will need

  • Recycled Milk Crates – how many do you want for your space?
  • Buy a meter square sheet of Astro Turf from Bunnings for about $30
  • Zipties – Cheap as cheap….about a dollar for a packet also from Bunnings
  • Use Sharp scissors or a stanley knife…blunt ones make it way too challenging and we want to eliminate any frustrations ;)
  • You can find different coloured crates or try spray painting them to any gorgeous colour that you’re LOVING right now.



Place the turf over a crate.

Use the corner of the turf as a guide for the edges.

Use those sharp scissors to cut the Turf to the same size as the top of the crate.

Alternatively, you could place the turf on the ground grass side down, and put the crate on top and cut out the shape like this.




Wrap the Zip ties around the top crate edges and through the matting of the Turf about a few cm’s from the edge. Tighten to attach the turf to top of the crate. Cut any ends of the ties off after it’s attached. It’s as easy as that!!

Get your cocktail swivels ready babes and PARTY ON!