Hanging that favourite print on the wall sounds like an easy task, all those Pinterest pics of "so hot right now" apartment walls seems so simple! Here we are with our little A4 print hanging all alone near a plant too far away,  left felling a little underwhelmed with the end result. Don't worry baby, we got you covered!


Once you have your artwork all framed lay them out on the floor how you think you would like them to work together on your wall. Make sure you pic the best frames that match each print perfectly. You don't need to have them all matching to have a hot wall.

play around with different placements on floor


Take some scrap paper and trace around the edge of each frame, from here you want to cut out each frame size.


Using adhesive such a Glu Tac, start placing  your most centered frame on the wall. Once you are happy, start placing the other frame sizes around your main artwork. Keep checking that you like the spacing.

trace frames onto paper and then trial placement on wall


Now is the time to get your hooks on! Depending what kind of hook you are using (nail or removable) you can measure the appropriate distance using your patterns on the wall for the best results.


Hang those bad boys! Take a step back and admire that killer wall you have going on!

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